Red Rock 89117 Eye Surgeon LASIK 

Bright lights or razor’s edge?

Las Vegas is home to many happy locals that see tourists come and go in multiples of 50 when numbers are compared to permanent residents. The best way to see the eb and flow of tourism is in person with good vision. Glasses and contacts can help, but for permanent eagle eye vision we suggest a one time eye surgery. With the choices being a high powered laser or a sharp scalpel, we suggest avoiding the metal. The Red Rock Surgery center offer 89117 LASIK services that are fully performed by the high powered light without the need for metal contact on the cornea. Though both methods are safe statistically, there is little reason to prefer a steady hand holding a sharp implement over a laser.


After a Lasik surgery it is important to protect the eyes from irritation by wearing protective glasses and taking medical prescriptions. Eyes may require special after surgery eye drops to keep eyes moisturized and prevent scabbing.

The benefits are endless and when compared to the mild inconvenience of enduring the surgery and rehabilitation afterwards the choice is simple. No longer will glasses and contacts be a required part of life requiring constant purchases, testing, and upgrades in prescription strength. There are very few people that prefer having glasses in 89117 over simply seeing properly with LASIK operations.

The red rock surgery center near Summerlin Las Vegas in 89117 has been offering quality are for years. My grandparents had their surgeries performed there, and had much better results than my Uncle using Kaiser medical center. If you love your loved ones and family than don’t let a bad surgeon or doctor perform an operation on them that could have life altering results for the better or worse. Usually opting for the cheapest practitioner will result in the lowest quality results. Don’t be cheap with your eyes, because LASIK 89117 can be a major improvement or major set back to your life’s vision.